Trail of the Sasquatch, a shaman's journey

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''Please read''

I am currently changing publishers; 

please allow me some of your patience while this transfer takes place.


My book both in E-Book and Paperback will be available again very soon,


and for a reduced price.

We hope to have this transfer complete in a week or two.

Thank you

Some are still available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

''See below.'' Paperback edition


Still Available

 Kindle edition


Temporarily unavailable

Barnes & Noble Nook Book edition


Still Available

Authorhouse Publishing

E-Book = 9.99

Paperback = 43.99

Publication through this publisher has been halted by author

''Signature Editions''

Only 100 of ''Donald B. Young Jr.'' pen signed editions are available.
Each copy will be signed and numbered by Donald B. Young Jr. 

Copies will start with #5.
Numbers 1 through 4 have been reserved for family members.

Very limited collectors opportunity, direct from the Authors private library.

Paperback = 79.99 each, free shipping within the U.S.A.