Trail of the Sasquatch, a shaman's journey

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This book I give a 5 star rating!

By Jennifer Malek on June 5, 2017

Co Host of Paraversal Universe Radio

Format: Paperback Signature Edition/Verified Authors copy

I cannot remember when I read such an amazing book that covers Don's journey with both his spirituality and his connection to Sasquatch, as well as everything else in between. I could not put this book down! The photos are mind blowing & you feel as though you are there with him during his Journey. You feel as though you are literally walking beside him through it all. I highly suggest this book to anyone looking for a wonderful and insightful read, and also to maybe find the answers to questions they might have about the contents of this great book within.

One modern person trapped between the power of ancient Native American Beliefs and the Modern World.

By Phillip D. Golden on January 31, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This book is an autobiography. of a man who was tutored by an old Indian Shaman when he was preteen to teenager. He witnessed the power of those beliefs. as his teacher and he himself was able to heal people that modern medicine could not.. The author seemed sort of half taught by his teacher about the power of his ancient beliefs when his teacher passed away. Mr. Young seems kind of trapped between the modern world and the world of his teacher a Native American shaman. He witnessed things that points to the power of those old beliefs but does not seem to completely embrace those old beliefs.

He had encounters with the sasquatch since his youth HIs Native teacher seemed to regard sasquatch as a spirit and seemed to have a deep understanding of how it would act and why. These beliefs just do not translate very well to those of us in the Western, Modern world.. As he got older Mr. Young continued to have encounters and joined the BFRO and their efforts to prove the existence of Sasquatch.

I believe Mr. Young is telling his story as honestly as he can. I don't think he really understands it all and neither do I but I think he is doing his best to tell us his interesting story.. The book is worth reading if you can accept that there are things out there in the world that occur that we cannot really explain and you are interested and open to ancient spiritual beliefs


By Michael James Wagner on February 5, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I chose five stars because the book is well written and captivating. Donald's words remind me that relationships, when and how they conclude, how we respond, and what we take from them is what defines us. I sometimes wish God was not so particular about what he wants us to become. But then, it's because he loves us so much. I recommend this book to all who ponder life's great questions.

Wow......what a joy to read!! Highly recommend!

By Achota on April 23, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I wish I would have bought the paperback version for all the amazing photos. The kindle version has the photos, but I am sure they are better quality in the paperback. The book is well worth the money. The author has had quite an interesting life. I enjoyed every page. He has had more than enough losses in his life, yet still manages to soldier on and help many other people with their own tragedies. It is encouraging to know that he stands firm to his beliefs regarding Sasquatch and other controversial subjects including his shamanic gifts of healing. Many others in the world of Sasquatch research only want to acknowledge a flesh and blood animal so they can be accepted by the great "Bigfoot Research Groups". Some of us can care less about these groups and only want to hear the truth. There is so much more to these beings than just a dumb ape left over from prehistoric times. They are highly intelligent and have capabilities beyond our understanding. Thank you Don for being one of the few who want to teach the truth. You don't need MM or anyone else. But they certainly need you.


By Kindle Customer on August 13, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Donald is a natural writer. He just sort of casually pulls you in until you find yourself not able to put his story down. Very well done. I think this book is a "must read" for anyone interested in this field. Thank you, Mr. Young, for your time, effort, and spirit devoted to this book. 

Awesome life story

By Amazon Customer on August 22, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is not just another story about Sasquatch, but one man's life journey from boy to man. His life's trials, tribulations, and success. I truly wish the story never ended and look forward to his next book. 

Very real and believable

By Kindle Customer on October 22, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I didn't see any embellishments or vanity. I too am interested in learning about this being. I have heard tree knocks in the woods behind my house but have not had any experiences like you describe. I think I would rather read about your experiences than have them myself. 

Five Stars

By lisa harrelson on July 1, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Very interesting book!!! 

So real, so well written!

By Emma T.


Format: Paperback Edition|Verified Purchase

Just finished the last chapter and this was a book like no other.

I am going to read it again, slowly, and let it totally absorb into my mind.

Like a great movie that can be watched over and over again, this book has that characteristic appeal.

My recommendation to others of this book is high, 5 star, a must read!

Mike Collier

2016 Verified Purchase

This was a very interesting, well written story, about a hard to believe subject for most to understand. I had a hard time putting it down every time I started reading. I have read 121 other books on this subject of sasquatch, and this is in my top 10 for sure. I am from WI though, and am familiar with that part of the state. I have been on 27 BFRO expeditions in the US and Canada, and at first felt this was only a PNW creature but have since experienced other wise, especially in WI and the UP of MI. Thank You So Much Don for Sharing your experiences with us , and truly best of luck with your wood land friends!

NAWK srvive

A marvelous book.

Joel N.

2016 Verified Purchase Barnes & Noble

A very unusual book, with more than enough excitement to wet any adventurous readers appetite.

This true tale had many riddles in vision or dreams that pulled at my imagination, with the authors own speculations for meaning.

Very well put together literature, with no jumping around or repetition.

An easy to follow platformed progression of the authors life from childhood to adult, capturing the story in a cinematic series type flow.

Many things in this book I could relate to deeply, and felt the authors pain in his writing. A story of mixed emotions, pain, happiness, love, hate, fear and spiritual religious question.

Incredible book!

Reuben J.

2016 Verified Purchase Authorhouse Publishing

Johnathan Lee Amwright

2016 Verified Purchase

Trail of the Sasquatch, a shamans journey:

Holds a unique place in literature, sky rocketing above similar books of this genre,

and ranking it as a true hybrid.

Rita C.

2016 Verified Purchase Barnes & Noble

Kept my interest chapter after chapter, this is not a book that readers want to jump or skip pages and chapters or they will miss relevant parts to the story.

A good book, I liked it.

Your book is now in my top five.


2016 Verified Purchase

My collection of Sasquatch books from numerous authors is very large, and your book was not at all what I expected. Completely out of the basic similar from the rest. Your book had a story line to it, and not a boring research slash scientific perspective. Instead your book took on a friendly home style approach folded together as an easy to follow development into the field of Crytozoology.

I wish more researchers used your methods or had a compassion for the forest as you.

Your book is now in my top five.

Sincerely yours Chris.

Sue Pratt

2016 Verified Purchase Barnes & Noble

I've known Don and his wife Carol for years now. I am certain some people will suspect my review of his book bias because of our friendship.

None the less, I am an honest person and our friendship has no influence on my opinion of his book.

Don had helped me through some trying times with my cancer, so I know he is a great Shaman, but I had no idea he was writing a book for the last few years.

When he told me of his published book, I immediately bought a Kindle copy and dove into it with unchained interest.

His story was riveting, and although I do not believe in Bigfoot, Don made a good case to consider their existence, with many pictures to back his claims.

My main interest in his book was the training he had and healing as a Shaman, this part was very enjoyable to read.

His words had a certain poetic feel at times, then serious or joking to break up sadness.

I enjoyed this book, and give my recommendation as a well written publication.


2016 Verified Purchase Barnes & Noble

Fricken awesome dude!!! I ordered a Kindle version because I didn't want to spend 44 bucks on the paper version. But now after reading it, I am going to order the book.

Scott H. Malley

2016 Verified Purchase Authorhouse Publishing

Remarkable work, some fantastic visions described and the dreams were out of this world. Mr. Young's family life was filled with adventure and many heart breaking times that would crush many people faced with similar tests of life.

In the book Mr. Young says he may write another, I sure hope so, because this one, was the best Sasquatch related book I've read.

His research taught me so much, and makes me want to head right out into my nearby forest to try his techniques, even though he warns against trying his methods. I thought at first the 45.00 spent was to much for a book, but after reading it, this was a good investment.

Dean Chase

2016 Verified Purchase

As with CJ, I found the 1st proof of Donald's book he allowed us to preview a pleasure to read.

The publication had a couple minor clerical errors , but nothing to take away from its compelling story.

I am not one who believes in Sasquatch, but Donald's research and tactics had me on the edge of my seat.

Mr. Young really had an interesting life to say the least.

I give this book two thumbs up!


2016 Verified Purchase

I have not read many books, but I do have an interest in supernatural events and Bigfoot, so I gave this book a read.

Truly fascinating! Once I started to read I could not put it down. It had parts that made me cry, laugh, shake in fear and amaze me with the dreams or visions this author explains having. The photo's in the book were very interesting and got my mind to really question my past skepticism about Bigfoot.

When I finished the book, I must say I was sad, I didn't want it to end, it was that intense. I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in true life stories, shamanism, or supernatural, or Bigfoot.